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         Spirit of  the  Wolf


 This web ring is for Wolfs wolf dogs (hybrids and endangered animals ) Wolf , wolf dog (hybrid) Endangered animals places and rescues are welcome to join . In the web ring you will find on just about everything you want to know about wolves and wolf dogs  . Anywhere from wolf and Wolf dog  facts, breeders, wolf adoption , wolf rehabilitation, wolf education , wolf protection and many more .. 

Take a look around but please be respectful to the members and not take things with out asking them first .


In  order to join the ring your site has to fit in these guidelines

1. No Commerical Sites 
2. Site Must be about wolves wolf dogs (Hybrids ) 
or an endangered animal
3. No animal abuse, animal bashing sites, or wolf bashing sites 
4. No Role playing sites , adventure sites , or email lists that have no information about wolves or  other endanged animals 
5. Must have content (No sites just containing links)

      8. NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL, No Adult content that is 
        not safe of viewable for children , or linked to those sites 
                            9.  NO RACIAL SITES


          Join The Web Ring 

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Get the code below

Please use the code below . Do not use the code that you receive in your email .  Upload the image below to your sever . Cut and paste the code into your page after you made the following changes to ring . Change what is in RED only . Site ID here is the number that you received when you signed up . No spaces . After you have the code uploaded email me .

It does not have to be on the main page but has to be somewhere it is easy to find 

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